October 28, 2021


Communication Award Fairchild
Dr. Jennifer Fairchild, a professor in the School of Communication at EKU, received two awards at the Kentucky Communication Association (KCA) annual conference in September 2021. Fairchild received the Excellence in the Art of Teaching Award, which recognizes pedagogy and curriculum development as well as an educator who is devoted to bettering students and assisting...
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business user on smart phone
In a market more saturated than ever before, consumers are inundated with products each promising to be the next “must have.” The question becomes, how do you stand out? Brands today are addressing this problem through the adoption of technology to create the future of the industry.
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flying saucer aliens
Research skills help you become a better decision-maker. Knowledge of the research process and analytic methods will help you digest academic reports and critically evaluate the reliability of the research. The best way to become a prepared decision-maker is to develop research skills yourself.
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virtual zoom meeting
Each semester, our clinic hosts a social opportunity and rehearsal group for adolescents on the autism spectrum. This group was previously conducted in-person, but COVID-19 pandemic social distancing requirements resulted in a format change to virtual. Our group underwent several adaptations to accommodate the needs of the participants and to make the group educational and...
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health services administration working at desk
Preparing for the RHIA Exam The time has finally come. You have finished (or nearly finished) all your required undergraduate work to qualify for the RHIA exam.
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instructional design conferences
Attending conferences is one of the best methods for connecting with like-minded professionals and keeping abreast of current issues in your discipline. We selected several conferences that every instructional designer and trainer, whether in a corporate or academic environment, should attend to improve and maintain their professional expertise.
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political science voting polling booth
Though voting restrictions can and are framed as initiatives of election integrity, the direct result is something much more sinister. Recent election reforms such as voter I.D. laws, restrictions on early voting, and limits to mail-in voting, target specific demographics within the electorate.
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