October 27, 2021


social worker group
During my time at the Kentucky River Children’s Advocacy Center (the Care Cottage), I was able to witness the collaboration of individuals when working with various clients. This is coined multidisciplinary teamwork because individuals from various disciplines are working together on child abuse cases to make sure they are proceeding as required and the needs...
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sports administration female soccer player
This rise in women’s sport is not limited to soccer. The popularity and television ratings of the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament and the NCAA Women’s Softball College World Series prove the women’s sports is in an unprecedented period of growth.
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computer science students
Benjamin chose EKU not only because it was nearby and affordable, but also because of the class flexibility and topics. He said, “the classes were a good fit for a working professional, both in terms of the scheduling and of the subject matter.” He went on to say, “the program provides a great starting point...
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