December 8, 2020


The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program at EKU hosted its 29th annual golf outing at EKU’s Arlington golf course. The RMI program successfully raised over $25,000 during this golf outing event, and the money will go to support scholarships for many of our more than 100 RMI students. More than 100 registered golfers participated in...
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Social worker taking time for herself at home
Deciding to be a social worker is deciding to live your life in service to others. Social workers are on the front lines, advocating for those in need and being a safe haven for those they help. They walk alongside people and help them navigate the complications and hardships of life. As a profession, it...
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Basketball falls through hoop at college basketball game
Each March, the nation tunes in with their brackets in hand to witness the rise and fall of collegiate basketball teams. Each Saturday in the fall, we huddle around in our school colors waiting with baited breath to watch college football teams take the field. College athletics is a part of daily life for people,...
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Gavel sits on judge's table
In The Ethics of Punishment and Rehabilitation: Part I and II, I talked before about rationales, or justifications, for punishing persons who have broken the law (retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation), and about broad ethical issues surrounding punishments for breaking the law.  I want to focus here on the specific ethical issues surrounding rehabilitation.
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