September 10, 2020


Demonstrator leads crowd with bulhorn
Gary Potter, Ph.D., professor emeritus, appeared on the CBS News program “Sunday Morning” in a segment about the relationship between law enforcement and the African American community in the United States. Potter, who is known for his research on crime and the history of policing, provided insight on the connection between the development of our...
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EKU Online graduate Emma McClellan
Occupational therapy is Emma McClellan’s second career. She originally went to art school and worked in metal shops and bronze foundries. When two coworkers each lost a finger, she found herself interested in their exercises and the difference their OT made for them. “I watched them go from despair to feeling like they got their...
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Best in the South & Best Disaster Resilience Focus badges
EKU’s online bachelor’s degree in homeland security was recently named “Best in the South” and ranked among the top 52 best online homeland security degree programs by Intelligent. EKU was ranked no. 28 after assessing 116 universities and colleges and 291 education programs on accreditation, coursework, cost, reputation, flexibility and faculty.
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Greg Gorbett reviews procedures with students during residency
Greg Gorbett is a professor in the EKU fire protection programs and an active consultant in the fire, arson and explosion investigation field. He runs his own consulting firm and has also provided fire and explosion expertise to various agencies for approximately 20 years. Above all, Gorbett is a problem solver.  Read About His Mission...
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