May 5, 2020


A paramedic works in a temporary facility for treating COVID-19 patients
Eastern Kentucky University prides itself on esteemed faculty and staff that share their knowledge in the classroom and continue to serve their neighbors outside of campus. Our communities are experiencing an unprecedented time and we, now more than ever, are relying on experts in their respective fields. These heroes are being called from far and...
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Students learning by doing a project
There is a shakeup happening in education! Between flipped classrooms, the integration of technology, and the emergence of hybrid classrooms, educators are challenging the traditional ideas of learning. One alternative that has gained popularity and has been widely implemented is project-based learning. What Is Project-Based Learning? Project-based learning is an interactive approach taken in the...
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Prison bunks crowded with inmates
The COVID-19 crisis has impacted our daily lives in dramatic fashion.  Public and private agencies have had to alter their ways of doing business to protect themselves and others against this pandemic.  Prisons and jails are no exception.
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Public administrators making plans for improvement project
Social and community service managers oversee, coordinate, and manage social services and community programs. They work to identify the needs of their community and leverage their knowledge of public administration to address those needs through the implementation of government programs, non-profit initiatives, or innovative new approaches.
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Two people stand next to one another while looking at their phones
You can talk to your favorite celebrity, make friends from across the world, spark social and political movements, and share your every thought due to the advent of social media. We have more avenues to communicate, a larger stage, and seemingly more to say than ever. In a society where our primary communication seems to...
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