Inside Look

Student Spotlight: Tiffani Carrol Maggard

Tiffani Carrol Maggard Student in Online Psychology Degrees Program

Tiffani Carrol Maggard, Psychology (Burnside, KY)

Student Spotlight: Carolena Rose Lamb

Carolena Rose Lamb, EKU Online Corrections & Juvenile Justice Studies Program

"I have enjoyed my classes. The teachers are great. The courses are easy to access, and the format is easy to understand."

Student Spotlight: Amanda Feltner

Amanda Feltner, EKU Online Psychology Program

"I have had an outstanding experience in EKU's online program. I get the same education that I would receive in a classroom, but around my schedule. I love it!"

Student Spotlight: Tina Marie Clift

EKU Online MSN degree Program student Tina Marie Clift

"The instructors are there for you when you need them."

Student Spotlight: Christie Bowlin

Online Library Science Degree Student Christie Bowlin

"I have taken online classes from other universities and this program is by far the most user friendly."

How to Be Successful in Online Classes

How to Be Successful in Online Classes

There is a high level of responsibility and discipline that accompanies being an online student. Here are a few tips for success:

Check in frequently.

Stay on top of messages, especially class announcements and assignments.

Manage your time wisely.

Pay close attention to assignment deadlines.